Sit down and share,
Crisp words come so easy when you’re here,
Tell me slow savor each phrase, tell me slow.

Why won’t you speak,
It’s best to connect through other means,
I’ll draw you with beige and blue, I’ll draw you.

What do you dream,
You tell me you don’t know what to say,
Then you smoke care in your eyes, then you smoke.

Chill by a fire,
I don’t drink or smoke to loosen up,
We work hard to share free worlds, now unwind.

I am afraid,
To leave here and lose my cherished homes,
Shelter me from the unknown, safe and sound.

Embarrass me,
Your gestures don’t comfort me at all,
What’s your game to touch and hide, what’s your game.

Why so unclear?
Do you think you know what’s best for me?
Blur the truth humor me blind satisfied?

Where will you live,
I don’t care, I just need my kin close,
Peaks and streams, my family, by the sea.

You make me glad,
Thank you for composing space with me,
Grateful for knowing your name, gratitude

Bridge Between.